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1.726 5/9/2023 9:00:00 AM RW/AS TNET-XXX: XXX
1.725 12/27/2022 5:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-2084: Update Telerik to 2022 components
TNET-2260: Update to VS 2022
TNET-2363: FIX: Problem with 2FA, sometimes the use could not change system
TNET-2368: When changing periond in station sale - set default values
TNET-2372: FIX: File upload did not work
TNET-2381: FIX: Problem with timne zones after log on
1.724 11/29/2022 1:30:00 PM RW/AS TNET-1241: Only send encrypted pin blocks to Premium devices
TNET-1811: Added action menu from customer page to list of cards
TNET-1938: New system setting to enable/disable the station menu
TNET-1978: When creating a new system => create default records (product list, customer and discount groups)
TNET-2032: Terminal open schedule update to make it easier to understand
TNET-2073: Admin: Separate fillings from maintenance page
TNET-2112: Require two-factor authorization in TapNet
TNET-2116: Edit pump price in temporary fillings
TNET-2126: Send card attributes in white list for foreign cards
TNET-2136: Add support for VISY and PV4 ATG in Premium
TNET-2152: New alarm - overfill on tank (high volume)
TNET-2169: New filling field for external source tag
TNET-2170: New field for summarized fillings - pump amount
TNET-2176: Add possibility to set mail recipients as blind carbon copy
TNET-2181: Don't send notifies when station has the flag 'dont show alarms' set
TNET-2183: FIX: Auto reload of status page shouldn't reset quick filter
TNET-2189: FIX: Fetrch display from some terminals did not work
TNET-2190: When altering a temporary filling => log in TRX token
TNET-2192: Schedule for 'day in year' can now be any day on the year
TNET-2193: New terminal setting to allow/prohibit simultaneously use of same bank card
TNET-2194: FIX: Could'n click on an alarm for a price sign
TNET-2195: Optimize page with invoices - don't load all
TNET-2196: Optimize page with deducts - don't load all
TNET-2200: Handle discount per product in the Allkort interface
TNET-2201: Handle new pay types in the Allkort interface
TNET-2202: Handle number of PIN tries in the Allkort interface
TNET-2203: Show severity in list of alarms
TNET-2207: Change alarms for another user
TNET-2208: Handle open/close on price displays from terminal
TNET-2209: New layout setting - available for cross system cooperation
TNET-2210: TapNet API: get system token directly from API key
TNET-2216: New configration for how the order of pumps should appear in the terminal
TNET-2217: New filling field - station number
TNET-2218: New filling field - pay catagory
TNET-2219: Apply alarm subscription from one user to another
TNET-2222: New configurqation of how terminal should handle a price drop
TNET-2223: New layout setting - type of receipt
TNET-2231: Custom fields for customer groups
TNET-2235: New flag for price factor - valid for input
TNET-2236: TapNet API - Return only price factors valid for input
TNET-2238: Handle allowed products in the Allkort interface
TNET-2240: New alarm when a user has been added to a system
TNET-2244: TapNet API - new method to get price change history
TNET-2246: When creating new product - let the VAT group be unset
TNET-2248: TapNet API - language incorrect when using SystemApiKey
TNET-2251: New terminal setting - show 'abort filling' dialog
TNET-2252: New terminal setting - Time to show pump selection dialog
TNET-2258: New page and function for station sales - more effective to get daily and monthly station consumptions
TNET-2266: Custom fields for discount group
TNET-2269: New layout setting - dont block on failed PIN
TNET-2270: Support Nel/Petrotec pump type
TNET-2271: Support Mataconc pump type
TNET-2280: FIX: Dont larm on obsoletre 'power card not installed'
TNET-2281: Show fullname of station in price page dropdown
TNET-2282: When creating new price display segments - get number of decimals from currency
TNET-2283: New layout setting - invoice transactions
TNET-2284: Map page - option to only display sites in production
TNET-2285: New layout setting - get limits from local pump share
TNET-2290: FIX: Dont show alarms on removed price displays
TNET-2291: FIX: Dont show alarms on removed pumps
TNET-2294: After terminal installation - check if there are any obsolete alarms to remove
TNET-2296: CODAB invoice - always do monthly invoice
TNET-2301: Work Page - free text when searching for a script
TNET-2302: CODAB invoice - new structures for export
TNET-2308: FIX: Filling page crashed when using invalid inoice/deduct ID
TNET-2309: FIX: Statistic page crashed when no station was selected
TNET-2316: FIX: Station price history run out of memory when no station is selected
TNET-2319: New type of work to download file from FTP server
TNET-2323: Optimize popup for editing a filling
TNET-2324: Popup for editing a filling can now support editing of pump price and more
TNET-2325: Remove field TypeSeq from filling
TNET-2327: Optimize price page - could sometime takes many seconds to load
TNET-2329: FIX: Update interface to CDH for requesting more than 20 items
TNET-2333: FIX: Account histoiry for customer/card shows global product name
1.723 6/23/2022 4:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-1677: Handle CoDataHost Offline
TNET-2059: Setting to hide all alarms from a station
TNET-2083: New CODAB Logo
TNET-2097: Filter voucher by date
TNET-2098: Send card attrubutes changes to terminal (whitelist)
TNET-2101: Show current price(s) when setting price for a group of stations
TNET-2109: Automatically select system during Work/Filling Excel report
TNET-2117: Hide stations in inactive systems
TNET-2119: Show TapNet instance/provider on each page
TNET-2120: Search on stripe on card page
TNET-2122: New price formula exception for system and customer group
TNET-2124: New type of work to export fillings in CSV
TNET-2129: Price poles for Premium can either use price formula or product
TNET-2130: Configure price update mode for Premium
TNET-2131: FIX: Buttons on station map page outside boundaries
TNET-2132: Allow administrators to inactivate stations and controllers, even if there are new fillings
TNET-2137: Request information in controller commands
TNET-2138: FIX: Inactivity message was in german for several languages
TNET-2153: Use system product name in reports by default (filter fillings)
TNET-2164: Prevent line breaks on the layout page
TNET-2166: Prevent line breaks as default
1.722 3/10/2022 12:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-1884: Configure receivers for 'Contact Us'
TNET-1889: FIX When moving a blocked a card to another customer
TNET-1944: New TapNet for Moya
TNET-1945: Receipt logo setting per terminal
TNET-1952: FIX Sorting temporary fillings
TNET-1953: Show strip in list of cards
TNET-1954: Show number of cards per layout
TNET-1955: Show number of customers per discount group
TNET-1956: Restricted the Custom Field to max 64 characters
TNET-1957: Show TapNet calculated prices togehter with price history
TNET-1958: Alternatives timeouts (TUV) per product/tank
TNET-1959: Handle TapNet Vouchers
TNET-1962: Request screenshot from Premium devices
TNET-1969: Show timestamp on invocie page
TNET-1970: Show Card ID in list of deleted items
TNET-1971: Handle product table per layout (Moya)
TNET-1972: CODAB invoice of 'Charger OCPP'
TNET-1973: CODAB invoice for nozzles
TNET-1974: CODAB invoice for pumps
TNET-1975: FIX It should only be possilbe to use receipt logo defined in own system
TNET-1976: FIX A custom users should not be able to see customer groups in the filling filter
TNET-1977: Handle nulls in MasterSeq and TypeSeq
TNET-1984: Hide customers in filling filter when user rights is limited (Hide Customer Data)
TNET-1985: Show last time an integration per system was used
TNET-1988: Show system in list of integrations
TNET-1989: Export list of integrations
TNET-1990: Page of integrations refactored and simplified
TNET-1992: Station Wizard - Check location ID on validate
TNET-1993: Added average price on invoice summary, PDF
TNET-1995: Uploading documents - set default system
TNET-1998: New source for price formula - Constant/fixed value
TNET-2000: IP-address to TapNet FlexRouter should use web.condfig
TNET-2004: Clean up table tblTerminalPriceHistory
TNET-2004: Clean up table tblPumpTotal
TNET-2007: 'Order Card' and 'Order PIN' removed from card orders
TNET-2008: Pump setting - Sensor Mask
TNET-2009: FIX Sorting did not work in list of integrations
TNET-2010: FIX Editing standard formulas, page remained in edit mode
TNET-2015: FIX Could not create a new product list
TNET-2017: Added column AUX for Invoice PDF
TNET-2018: FIX Searching for a system by its ID should show inactivated systems
TNET-2020: New type of Virtual Terminal for Poland
TNET-2023: Optimize searching in table tblTerminalTransactionLog
TNET-2024: Search on script ID
TNET-2025: FIX Systems settings for import script was left in edit mode
TNET-2026: See who has created a work
TNET-2028: Set quick note from CoFlex/Terminal (Poland)
TNET-2033: Invoice and Deduct fails if a price is missing by default
TNET-2035: Prohibit move of a card which has a customer part in it
TNET-2036: Add currency in CODAB invoice file
TNET-2038: Handle product restrictions in TapNet IFSF interface
TNET-2040: Add filter for temporary fillings
TNET-2041: FIX Handle invalid products and dates in temporary fillings
TNET-2043: Show number of cards per customer
TNET-2046: Voucher improvements (export, create manually)
TNET-2051: Show Price Factor ID in list of factors
TNET-2052: New setting (number of digits) for Dart pump protocol
TNET-2053: Handle product translations during invoicing
TNET-2054: Cleanup EOD files in the eSourcing integration
TNET-2056: Show timestamp in list of deducts
TNET-2057: Typeseq is now obsolete
TNET-2058: Optimize invoicing by using cached objects
TNET-2060: Send Pump to CoDataHost
TNET-2064: FIX Flex applications had problems reconnecting to FlexRouter
TNET-2066: Optimize movement fillings by using cached objects
TNET-2069: FIX Remove references to CardAlias and CardSms when removing a card
TNET-2070: Export list of prepayments (Swish)
TNET-2071: Optimize FlexWorker by using cached objects
TNET-2072: Show tokens on temporary fillings
TNET-2075: New type of work for exporting fillings to Excel
TNET-2076: FIX Only a system admin should be able to change all roles
TNET-2078: Log database usage to statistics
TNET-2081: FIX Selected a 'from timestamp' in statistics, handled the parameter incorrect
TNET-2082: Sequence Status Flag now obsolete
TNET-2086: Handle whitelist with card information such as CardType, AUX, KM
TNET-2088: New pump setting 'Send Offline Prices'
1.721 9/10/2021 9:30:00 AM RW/AS TNET-777: GEO-check - now per system
TNET-1738/1830/1831: Transaction Token
TNET-1809: Smart filter for blocked cards at card order page
TNET-1810: Show card block history
TNET-1819: FIX that pump detection mode list is sometime empty
TNET-1833: Use primary/secondary card instead of B-card
TNET-1838: Hide old layout when creating a new card
TNET-1839: Add layout types for AUX
TNET-1840: Show secondary card on receipt
TNET-1841: Clone a layout
TNET-1844: FIX so it isn't possible to remove a tank in use
TNET-1850: FlexCharger - A TapNet OCPP Gateway
TNET-1859: Show flow rate statistics for a pump
TNET-1860: Optimize getting statistics
TNET-1863: FIX so default value for pulse factor is always 10
TNET-1865: Seqarch components for cards and terminals should have All checked by default
TNET-1866: Refresh list of layouts
TNET-1874: New Swish refund limit setting
TNET-1875: A flag per layout indicating if it can only be used for test devices
TNET-1877: Show invalid layouts for a terminal with red color
TNET-1880: Export list of layouts to excel
TNET-1881: Show and export layout usage for a system
TNET-1882: Show price signs in the station status bar
TNET-1890: FIX so cloning a script will set the correct system
TNET-1894: Swish can be set per station
TNET-1898: A Customer User should be able to edit (light) card information
TNET-1901: Description field per pump
TNET-1902: Add existing user to a system
TNET-1903: Moved the admin page for users to TapNet admin
TNET-1904: FIX FlexAutomatic - handle missing products
TNET-1908: Moved the admin page for basic data to TapNet admin
TNET-1913: Show number of customers per customer group
TNET-1917: New filter parameters to create a job for reports (customer++)
TNET-1918: Show icon for flags in the fillings page
TNET-1919: FIX so a user created in another system can not be changed
TNET-1924: Add filter (system) for temporary fillings
TNET-1925: Add fast filter for temporary fillings
TNET-1926: Function to clear and unclear selected temporary fillings
TNET-1927: FlexSup: Handle if state has changed on a temporary filling before moving it
TNET-1929: FIX so that a transaction made be a bank card via RFID is invoices as a bank transaction
TNET-1931: Show flow rate per filling
TNET-1935: Request info from terminal via CoFlex
TNET-1937: FIX so nested works is aborted
TNET-1939: New function to remove a software package
TNET-1941: Separate TEST and PROD for external validator Preem
TNET-1942: Send receipt logo to terminal
TNET-1946: FIX so a package continues to be selected after callback
1.720 4/6/2021 12:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-1082: Blocked customers no longer sent to terminals
TNET-1485: Store and show discount on payments card for fillings
TNET-1659: Display error message if user already exist when creating a new on
TNET-1653: New offset for water for ATG
TNET-1674: Change if user is a member administrator on an existing user
TNET-1701: More information about CoFlex messages in station analyze
TNET-1706: Handle multiple cards for same phone number for TapNet TANKA
TNET-1714: Fixed that Pump Price and Pump Total for systems without VAT was incorrect
TNET-1715: New price source for foreign stations
TNET-1717: New price source for pay types
TNET-1730: Show summaries per currency for CODAB invoices
TNET-1733: Fixed so empty PDF filling reports didn't generated an error
TNET-1736: Fixed so that Fillings Summaries didn't showed [no product] for not definied products
TNET-1737: New layout setting - default amount
TNET-1742: Updated TapNet from .NET Framework 4.6.1 to 4.8
TNET-1743: Handle reservations and advices for eSourcing (DKV, UTA, EUROWAG, E100)
TNET-1747: Don't store pump totals which is zero
TNET-1750: New terminal setting for FNS - AutoClosePumpsAtStartup
TNET-1751: Fixed so that e-mail addresses with numbers is accepted when creating a new user
TNET-1753: New pump settings for FNS - Attendant Offline
TNET-1757: Show description in list of products
TNET-1758: Include custom fields in Excel report for products
TNET-1759: Added Gilbarco support for FNSg2
TNET-1760: Added AUX Value Type and AUX Value Source
TNET-1766: Update C# in WWW to C# 7.3
TNET-1767: Update C# in Compiled Scripts to C# 7.3
TNET-1786: Move System-page from System Admin to TapNet Admin
1.719 11/24/2020 8:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-827: New wizard to create a station
TNET-1496: FIX: UTC problem with limits solved
TNET-1504: TapNet API Keys for a single system
TNET-1580: FIX: Creation of work 'Create report' sometimes failed
TNET-1588: Card integration with Sygnity
TNET-1591: FIX: Could not search for a customer on the ID
TNET-1599: New seach criterias for old cards
TNET-1600: Discount on bank cards - save info about card cand discount
TNET-1603: Changes in the Klimat Calc API
TNET-1605: Integration with GASUM/OPEN devices
TNET-1606: Integration with CoDataHost for tank levels
TNET-1607: Release of the TapNet APP
TNET-1609: Update to .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1
TNET-1611: TapNet API as a Windows service
TNET-1616: Validate AUX in the Flex IFSF service
TNET-1617: APP: Open/Close Terminal
TNET-1618: APP: Open/Close Pump
TNET-1619: APP: Change station price
TNET-1620: APP: Clear intruder detection
TNET-1621: APP: Block/unblock cards/customers
TNET-1622: APP: Restart a device
TNET-1623: APP: Customize gadgets
TNET-1624: New Price Pole protocol: FLS
TNET-1625: Check PIN when ordering cards
TNET-1626: Show AUX in list of cards
TNET-1628: Handle combi cards - loaylty card with discount
TNET-1630: Show PIN when ordering a replacement card
TNET-1631: List of tanks - hide those not in production
TNET-1648: All new systems must use VAT
TNET-1650: FIX: Station logbook did not appear
TNET-1654: Show VAT group in list of products
TNET-1655: Export products to excel for system admins
TNET-1660: Summarize fillings on half month (1-15,16-n)
TNET-1661: Summarize fillings based on two fields
TNET-1665: Show all type of user for system admin
TNET-1667: Show all type of user for users
TNET-1668: Allow unlimited users for a system
TNET-1669: Store type of card issuer per filling (AUX)
TNET-1661: Summarize fillings based on AUX
TNET-1678: FIX: Disable creation of tanks if no products is defined
TNET-1681: Add link to filling in the Swish page
TNET-1688: New page to show failed fillings
TNET-1689: Export list of failed fillings
TNET-1690: New page to show system events
TNET-1691: Some menu items grouped
TNET-1693: Replace internal TapNet messages with a form for e-mails
TNET-1696: FIX: Prohibite users to see aggregated fillings from other systems
1.718 7/23/2020 9:00:00 AM RW/AS TNET-448: Handle detection modes for price signs
TNET-1194: Handle multiple ATG's
TNET-1421: Power BI - Dont show test devices
TNET-1427: New page for showing Pump Totals
TNET-1428: New page for showing ATG records
TNET-1438: Change price for a cistern refill
TNET-1482: Handle detection modes for ATG
TNET-1490: TapNet APP - Proof of Concept
TNET-1509: TapNet SOAP Service: Handle ATG data
TNET-1530: Power BI - Report for a group of systems
TNET-1533: Handle external integration for AUX-input
TNET-1545: FIX: Handle language German in news
TNET-1550: FIX: Could not delete triggers
TNET-1556: Show protocol in list of ATG equipments/probes
TNET-1558: FIX: Searching for old cards, still visible under some circumstances
TNET-1559: Show realtime display from the terminal
TNET-1560: Show creation date for cards and customers
TNET-1563: TapNet SOAP Service - Block/unblock customer
TNET-1566: Statistics for free handles
TNET-1569: Show AUX when ordering cards
TNET-1568: Overview of Registrated and Ordered strip on a card
TNET-1570: Handle different configurations for FNS v1 and v2
TNET-1571: Opening hours - display reason of open/close state, add a note
TNET-1573: Show detection mode in list of pumps
TNET-1574: Show detection mode in list of price signs
TNET-1575: FIX: Refresh page, when the registrated strip has been changed
TNET-1576: New pay type: Vouncher
TNET-1580: FIX: Work with predefined period could not be created
TNET-1581: Adding price history and version history to main menu
TNET-1582: New pages for station events and station logbook
TNET-1585: Handle default system settings for number of digits per pump
TNET-1586: Handle pump events/warnings from FNS
TNET-1589: PDF Reports - Auto shrink header if to long
1.717 3/23/2020 10:00:00 AM RW/AS TNET-497: Translate TapNet to german
TNET-1393: Handle Swish payments
TNET-1439: Add custom fields to customized reports
TNET-1453: Integrate BA Oil AB
TNET-1467: Check entered phone number, should start with country code
TNET-1471: Integrate Biofuel Express
TNET-1486: Handle offline for Runes Bensin
TNET-1491: Better logs when issuing commands to the terminal
TNET-1492: Store amount that is sent to the bank per transaction
TNET-1501: Reorder columnds on alarm page
TNET-1503: New type of work for storing a file locally
TNET-1505: Power BI reports in English
TNET-1506: Improved logging for incoming SMS (quick notes)
TNET-1508: Ensure every system has a unique ID
TNET-1511: Update to Visual Studio 2019
TNET-1512: Update to Telerik 2020
TNET-1515: Improved logging for FlexPower
TNET-1517: Add a note field per customer
TNET-1519/TNET-1520: Price display alarms refactored
TNET-1523: Choose prices for extra products
TNET-1525: Send texts to Power BI in different languages
TNET-1527: Fixed so a manually closed terminal will not be opened by schedule
TNET-1537: New setting for PumaLAN 'CreditMultiplicationFactor'
TNET-1538: Support five custom fields per station
TNET-1541: Allow pump 'Conversion Factor' to be 100
TNET-1543: Handle Swish as a Technical Supplier
TNET-1544: Handle extra products for Premium terminal
1.716 1/8/2020 1:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-1414: Added edit function on subscriptions (event and alarm)
TNET-1416: Information Alarms not visisble at default
TNET-1417: Discount cards for use with bank cards
TNET-1418: Check if tank is used before deletion
TNET-1422: Remove filter from Power BI page
TNET-1424: Fixed bug where some fields where editable when no layout where selected
TNET-1425: New CODAB Price Type of 'type of terminal'
TNET-1426: New system setting: Send fillings for all cards
TNET-1430: Created filling for 'mismatches' now has a product
TNET-1432: New alarm for 'station quick note'
TNET-1433: Can clear quick note and intruder detection with SMS
TNET-1437: New fields for temportary fillings
TNET-1441: Show quick note on station page++
TNET-1442: Hide unknown alarms on first page
TNET-1444: New unit 'piece'
TNET-1445: Log incoming SMS
TNET-1449: Handle IP-address for CoFlex Price Sign
TNET-1451: New price sign 'HiTech LED'
TNET-1456: Added edit function on triggers
TNET-1463: Caption for external resources in menu is configured in TapNet
TNET-1464: Added filters to integration-page
TNET-1465: Fixed so that a card reference number doesnt't need to be globally unique
TNET-1468: Fixed bug in list of packages in terminal software
TNET-1469: Edit quick note on station page++
TNET-1475: Fixed a bug where a new station could not be created
TNET-1475: Fixed a bug where last fill date was not always updated on a layout
TNET-1478: Handle multiple layout matches on card validation
TNET-1487: Removed administrator function to directly insert a temporary filling
TNET-1494: Send Fiscal configuration to terminal
1.715 10/22/2019 3:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-39: Purchase price on fuel delivery
TNET-1318: Log access to external resources (Power BI)
TNET-1319: Add latest station to event 612 (Card Used Multiple Times)
TNET-1327: Fixed so Aggregrated Fillings exports correct data
TNET-1330: Software support for Java FNS
TNET-1332: Small change in Nozzles view
TNET-1333: Fixed so that the system fields has focus when changing system
TNET-1338: Changed admin page for handling systems
TNET-1343: Improved error messages in list of temporary fillings
TNET-1347: New pay type from FNS - Auto
TNET-1350: New FNS modules for RS422, Schwelm ZSR
TNET-1352: Alarm report in Power BI
TNET-1353: TapNet admin can activate/inactivate a software package
TNET-1354: New summary type for fillings - discount group
TNET-1361: Create dummy fillings for from FNS
TNET-1364: Display current page in menu
TNET-1365: Order of external resources sorted in menu
TNET-1367: Show customer group and discount group in list of fillings
TNET-1369: Trigger work by events and alarms
TNET-1370: Do not store binary CoFlex data for java FNS
TNET-1383: Small change in list of temporary fillings
TNET-1384: Refactor notifications from events - handle alarms separatly
TNET-1385: Change registrated strip on a card (manually or by attributes)
TNET-1386: Fixed so PIN is only available depending on system setting
TNET-1389: Summarize fillings on category of payment types
TNET-1392: Hanlde CODAB prices for RFID card orders
TNET-1397: New type of work - 'Send SMS'
TNET-1399: Log every sent SMS
TNET-1410: Add Tatsuno support for FNS
1.714 6/18/2019 9:30:00 AM RW/AS TNET-22: Upload logo to terminal for receipt logo
TNET-665: More options to select dates in statistics
TNET-897: Copy script with parameters
TNET-987: New alarm if station coordinates is unset
TNET-1058: Refactor products - only one global name
TNET-1078: Refactor tblUnit - no longer in database
TNET-1079: Refactor VAT - only one global name
TNET-1084: Satelltite view in maps
TNET-1095: Show services in station pages
TNET-1110: Fast Filter for Administrator in the systems page
TNET-1134: Check so products in not in use before deletion
TNET-1139: SMS services to reboot terminal and get information
TNET-1156/1255/1256: Handle API-keys
TNET-1157: Refactor CODAB specific settings
TNET-1177: Customized period in work for reports
TNET-1179: Power BI reports from TapNet
TNET-1211: CMS setting removed from TapStation
TNET-1236: FIXED: Sometimes TapNet sent username/password in wrong language
TNET-1237: FIXED: Replace uploaded document
TNET-1240: Aggregraded fillings by month
TNET-1244: FIXED. When changing pump number, some settings lost
TNET-1248: New terminal setting for how pump is selected
TNET-1249: Checksum added to uploaded files
TNET-1250: FIXED: Could not change default values in layout for KM and PIN
TNET-1259: New pump setting for FNS: Auto Authorize
TNET-1261: New PIN algorithm for AT
TNET-1271: New alarm for 'defect battery' in the FNS
TNET-1274: The administrator page for systems enhanced
TNET-1276: Send customized text to terminal when closing
TNET-1277: New time zone for Eastern Europe
TNET-1281: Auto confirm card order when ordering a replacement card
TNET-1282: See used stripe for a card
TNET-1293: Handle Fortnox Integrations
TNET-1296: FIXED: Week limits did not work
TNET-1306: FIXED: Test fillings is editable
TNET-1309: FIXED: Couldn't change system when language set to Norwegian
1.713 3/27/2019 1:30:00 PM RW/AS TNET-197/1216/1227: Card Type, Product Limits and AUX can be set in TapNet for different kind of layouts
TNET-1159/1198: Separate receipt footers for local cards and others:
TNET-1178: CODAB invoicing of APP transactions
TNET-1193: BUG: Customers page did not render:
TNET-1195: Support for price comparison in terminal:
TNET-1197: Added support for Wayne Dart for FNS:
TNET-1199: Added help information for receipt header and footer
TNET-1201: Tank Group added per tank:
TNET-1202: Send Tank Group information to FNS:
TNET-1210: BUG: Detailed page for stations did not render
TNET-1212: BUG: Could not delete ATG Controller record:
TNET-1213: Added setting to set number of max records for stations, terminals and more
TNET-1223: FIX: When navigating from terminal to statin and back to terminal, the selected terminal was lost
TNET-1233: Default texts for receipt header and footer now in glossary
TNET-1161: Discount added in excel export for Account Report
TNET-1169: Added field 'Category' per system product
TNET-1205: FIX: List of ordered cards did not always shown correct records
TNET-1206: New function to send SMS to TapNet to get a response with station information
TNET-1208: New event when a blocked card is swiped
TNET-1209: Map fixes; wrong offset when showing and setting position
TNET-1215: Added Cistern ID, Number and Group to page with list of nozzles
TNET-1222: New layout setting to 2-cards for only allowing if same customer
TNET-1225: New fields for system product (CO2 and renewable fuel)
TNET-1231: Added a terminal setting for default list of allowed products
TNET-1232: Added a terminal setting to display a confirmation dialogue
TNET-1234: FIX: A script set to a group should be visible for its members
TNET-1238: Added VAT-category for Polen controllers
1.712 1/18/2019 12:30:00 PM RW/AS TNET-170: Separate CMS from station
TNET-807: New alarm for high water level
TNET-1100: Store LegalID with totals
TNET-1101: Show price history
TNET_1102: Show versioin history
TNET-1107: New type of output - high level alarm
TNET-1112: Update to .Net 4.6.1
TNET-1122: Setting to hide StreetView
TNET-1123: New type of schedule. Run every x:th minute
TNET-1126: Actions links with text
TNET-1128: Terminal page shows if it is online or not
TNET-1138: Minor change in popup for software change
TNET-1140: New subscribable event: Card used for the first time
TNET-1152: Setting to change max displays search records for cards++
TNET-1153: Fix, show number of records in search components
TNET-1143: Minor fix in customer page. Remove action menu when no customer is selected
TNET-1155: Change in charger configuration
TNET-1165: New statistics for 'Number of new cards used'
TNET-1166: Telerik 2018 Q3
TNET-1171: Fixed that cards could be blocked by limitation due to UTC
TNET-1172: New subscribalble events when price is changed by POS
TNET-1174: New parameters for FNS for plausability check
1.711 10/17/2018 2:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-100: Add setting while searching for cards. Should we include old ones?
TNET-210: Schedule opeing hours of terminal
TNET-469: Subscribe on price changes
TNET-711: Save filter for fillings
TNET-746: Disable/enable parts of filling filter
TNET-749: Handle different flags per filling
TNET-806: Remember sort order in list of record (multiple pages)
TNET-823: System setting for 'CODAB CMS' => enable/disable part of TapNet
TNET-894: Save duration for scheduled work
TNET-900: Show ongoing services in list of alarms
TNET-901: Fixed: Scheduled work did use both UTC and local time
TNET-929: Add function to see and modify a comment per station in list of alarms and stations
TNET-931: Show street view in station page
TNET-958: Fixed: Sometimes a e-mail was not sent at the arrival of a filling
TNET-967: Notify user when not selecting a system in filling filter
TNET-969: Card order on a single card - calculate and show PIN
TNET-970: New types of script parameters allowing user to select a station, customer or card
TNET-971: Search for a card in card orders
TNET-975: New type of documents
TNET-977: Documents syncronized to other TapNet instances
TNET-980: Show pump number in pump tamper alarms
TNET-984: Include card description in summarized fillings
TNET-993: Fixed: It should be possible to edit zero fills
TNET-995/1007: Replace not common actions in the menu with a drop down menu (multiple pages)
TNET-996: Rename package names in TapNet
TNET-997: Function to clone a package
TNET-999: Specify and send pump-unused products to terminal
TNET-1000: Fixed: Do not send e-mails on deleted alarms
TNET-1001: Dont generate alarm 'error in software package' if the terminal is not connected to any package
TNET-1002/1036: Fixed: Sometimes a user was not transferred to the correct start page
TNET-1003: Fixed: Initial flow in tank is now zero
TNET-1004: Copy settings from one terminal to another (or a group of termninals)
TNET-1006: When creating a filling - select customer
TNET-1008: Fixed: Always update expire date on card
TNET-1019: String length of products increaded to 64 characters
TNET-1023: Better information when issueing a command to terminal output
TNET-1024: Failed log on does now not use a popup window
TNET-1027: Fixed: Sometimes FlexSup did send alarm information with outdated information
TNET-1031: Show type of price display in the list
TNET-1037/1056: Addding text to statistics
TNET-1038: Default value on ShowPrice/Volume/Amount chanbged to false
TNET-1040: Fixed: CODAB invoicing did not handle number of months during export
TNET-1046: Fixed: Could not see menus on iPad - landscape mode
TNET-1048: Custom fields for products
TNET-1050: Fixed: Alarm 'no filling' was wrongly activated when creating a filling manually
TNET-1054: Handle CODAB invoicing of APP/SMS fillings
TNET-1055: Time zone for UK
TNET-1057: View 'Customer' for fillings shows both cards and AUX
TNET-1066: Always send prices twice to GSM connected price signs
TNET-1067: Set price for group of stations
TNET-1071: New pump protocol: MPI with multiple products
TNET-1072: New report via script: Excel comparing cosumption per day and week
TNET-1074/1075: New statistics for temperatues and tank levels
TNET-1076: Adding settings for TapNet handling of SMS via TellusTalk
TNET-1077: New terminal setting: Ignore Intruder Detection
TNET-1088: Send CustomNumber when sending new prices to controllers
TNET-1089: Show alarms for all stations - even for test stations
TNET-1092: Pump field 'Unspecified address' only visible for the mode 'Unspecified'
TNET-1093: Show card and customer ID
1.710 6/12/2018 3:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-694/805: FIX: Limits is handled in UTC but was not updated correctly
TNET-890: Store totals (from pump) in TapNet
TNET-895: New pump protocol: MODBUS NG
TNET-902: FIX: Delete button visible while editing customer
TNET-903: FIX: Session timeout should handle AJAX callbacks
TNET-904: Restart a pump from TapNet via power card
TNET-905: New pay type for Tanka APP
TNET-908: New pump protocol: Dart Basic
TNET-911: Subscribable event for 'zero volumes'
TNET-920: Hide prices in Tanka APP
TNET-921: Show layouts in list of fillings
TNET-924: FIX: Pay types 8,9,11 and 12 should all be deducted
TNET-938: Update meta tags for search engines
TNET-939: Handle ATG alarms from Premium terminals
TNET-940: FIX: Aggregated fillings had wrong captions on quick filters
TNET-947: Show more Flex-services for administrators
TNET-948: Show more statistics for administrators
TNET-955: Maintenance moved from administrator to TapNet administrator
TNET-956: Collect compensated volumes from FNS ATG:
TNET-965: Handle pay type TEST
TNET-972: Store auhorized amount/volume with decimals
1.707 4/11/2018 3:00:00 PM RW/AS TNET-391: Separate Premium terminals
TNET-467: Handle SMS where no physical card exists
TNET-661: Use contacts on a card/customer to send e-mails for PIN and fillings
TNET-685: New pump protocol Test pump via Ethernet
TNET-692: New data types in CoFlex
TNET-727: Filling receipt and filling in e-mail should use 'Show price in receipt' for loyalty cards
TNET-734: Show selected page in the menu
TNET-735: Review visual apperarence of caption and items in drop down menu
TNET-753: Use camel notation on english captions
TNET-756: Review serial number on nozzles. Only show on relevant devices and rename to Quickfill
TNET-759: Add explanation of commands to controller
TNET-761: Review order of views for nozzles (detailed, default)
TNET-785: See statistic per customer system
TNET-786: Filling filter: User setting to decide which system to use (Station or Customer)
TNET-787: New page to show aggregated fillings
TNET-788: Detect inactivity with JavaScript => Popup
TNET-789: Show fuelling Points per dispenser (in the dispenser & VRMC page)
TNET-792: Selecting a station image sometimes get the page in wrong state
TNET-798: Bing API for maps
TNET-800: Wrong product name for detailed info about filling
TNET-802: Create GUID for Location ID for terminals
TNET-803: Show latest filling in layouts
TNET-811: User set up is locked in some rights
TNET-814: Send all cisterns to FNS
TNET-815: Notification 'Card used several times last hour' uses the global product name
TNET-817. New amount/volume limit on card/customer without date limit
TNET-819: Add filter to station log
TNET-825: Hide readonly fields when creating a new tank
TNET-826: System setting for 'Default Terminal Type'
TNET-828: Add a bar to list of tanks with volume in percentage
TNET-830: User should only be blocked/unblocked in it's own system
TNET-833: When creating currency: Name and short-format is wrong
TNET-838: Close web site ''
TNET-842: New pump setting: ForcePriceUpdate
TNET-843: Add new type of uploadable document 'FuelNetServer Release Notes'
TNET-844: Can not delete card and customers with fillings
TNET-854: Price History - Log price changes to and from FNS
TNET-863: Add option to remove all history on a customer
TNET-868: Support cooperation with Knowtronic for PS-Olje
TNET-869: CODAB should be able to invoice Terminal connected ATG (not CMS)
TNET-870: Payment rules: Max amount and reserved amount should always be the same
TNET-873: Lower 'Physical memory' alarm to 60 MB
TNET-889: New customer setting: IsTemplate - dont send name to terminal
TNET-892: Remove alarms from V25: Foot intruder detection alarms
1.706 10/5/2017 2:00:00 PM RW TNET-503: CODAB invoicing not only per month
TNET-567: Create groups with stations
TNET-572: When creating a new card with custom PIN, a random value is generated
TNET-610: Fixed issue when creating customer surveys
TNET-656: Map control replaces from Bing Map to Open Street Map
TNET-659: New setting to hide prices for customer users
TNET-666: Add label to invoices and deducts
TNET-667: Fixed issue with stock levels not showing correct tab
TNET-671: Changed color of separators in drop down menus
TNET-680: Removed some commands for the FNS
TNET-683: Pump configuration work over. Pump detection mode.
TNET-689: Connect output in terminal to several pumps
TNET-690: New refresh button in card order page
TNET-695: Fixed issue where session data where not cleared while changing system
TNET-699: Subscribe on GEO-warning
TNET-702: Fixed issue in display page where a field where editable all time
TNET-705: Terminal configuration for if amount/volume should be displayed
TNET-706: Configurable i/o for Premium and FNS
TNET-713: Fixed issue on pump page with empty checkboxes
TNET-725: Handle configuration errors sent from Premium
TNET-726: Increased space for module information on terminals
TNET-728: New table created to hold software upgrades on terminals
TNET-723: New alarm: Configuration error detected
TNET-724: New alarm: Software error detected
TNET-729: Search on location ID for controllers
TNET-733: Optimized sp AgentHistorySearch
TNET-738: Events removed from news/alert page
TNET-741: Removed Severity filter on the news/alert page
TNET-745: Changed order in QuickFilter in fillings
TNET-752: Hide CMS data for stations that does not have a CODAB CMS
TNET-755: Same links in station, controller, tank and pump pages
TNET-763: Hide last call in station page when there is no CODAB CMS
TNET-771: Cistern page UI clean up
TNET-775: Warn if more than 4 pumps is connected to a dispenser (FNS only)
TNET-776: New statistic for Small Kernel Memory
TNET-778: New system setting to hide maps
TNET-781: Handle text from terminal when a pump error occurs
TNET-784: Display triggered jobs in grid
TNET-673/677/691/737/739/743/744/747/752/760/762/764/765 Various label changes
1.705 5/23/2017 9:45:00 AM RW Quickfix for addressing pump types
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